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Best food in Las Vegas

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Robby J
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What is some of the best places to go to in Las Vegas when it comes to food? I want to try some of the best Vegas has to offer. I want quality, but I also want a venue that also has entertainment. 

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Helen Smith
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I guess this depends on the kind of food you enjoy. Every time I go I try to find a new place to try and on the most recent trip, I went to Yardbird Southern Table & Bar and LOVED IT! If you are a fan of southern foods, it is worth it. Some of the best I have had honestly. They offer take-out as well so you can eat in your hotel if you want. 

Magic Man
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Las Vegas has great steakhouses.  One of my favorites is STK at Cosmo.  Another great steakhouse is Del Frisco's Double Eagle steakhouse (off the strip though)