Spotlight Chatter: Las Vegas Video Game Tournaments

Recently posted on June 28th, 2021, a member asked if there were any Las Vegas video game tournaments.  We did some research to find out if video game tournaments have ever been hosted in Las Vegas.

Our research indicates that not only does Las Vegas have a great assortment of video game entertainment offerings, but the city has also become an esports mecca.

The city hosts esports arenas for tournaments, conferences for video game industry professionals, and video game lounges for entertainment. Our research found that conventions like the LVL Up Expo and lounges like GameWorks will give gamers plenty of entertainment options when visiting Las Vegas.

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Bruno Mars Las Vegas Concert Tickets are Red Hot

Bruno Mars, the Grammy Award-winning artist, will be performing in Las Vegas this summer and fans are eager to get their hands on tickets.  The original schedule is set to play at Park Theater (Park MGM) the first three weekends in July.  Including a lively performance on the 4th of July.  Tickets immediately sold out in April promoting promoters to add four additional shows in late July and August.

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The Las Vegas Opera welcomes guests to live performances again!

After months of being closed due to COVID-19, the Las Vegas Opera returned to downtown on June 11th.  The return featured a comedic production called Don Pasquale.  The show featured Adelmo Guidarelli as Don Pasquale, who attempts to force his nephew Ernesto (Christopher Bozeka) into marrying for money rather than marrying Ernesto‚Äôs sweetheart Norina (Adelaide Boedecker).  The comedic show is full of comedy, playful humor, and a great lesson that Don learns in the end.

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