The Las Vegas Opera welcomes guests to live performances again!

Sarah Bonadeo

After months of being closed due to COVID-19, the Las Vegas Opera returned to downtown on June 11th.  The return featured a comedic production called Don Pasquale.  The show featured Adelmo Guidarelli as Don Pasquale, who attempts to force his nephew Ernesto (Christopher Bozeka) into marrying for money rather than marrying Ernesto’s sweetheart Norina (Adelaide Boedecker).  The comedic show is full of comedy, playful humor, and a great lesson that Don learns in the end.

The production is only scheduled for two nights (June 11 and June 12) at The Historic Fifth Street School on Fourth Street in the Downtown area.  The school was previously called the Las Vegas Grammar School and was renamed the Fifth Street School after fifth street was renamed Las Vegas Boulevard in 1959.

The return of live performances to Las Vegas marks a well-anticipated turning point after the city could not open to full capacity due to the COVID-19 crisis.   Current vaccination rates of 40% across the state and the governor lifting restrictions have made Las Vegas a top destination for vaccinated adults seeking to travel.  The local businesses in the downtown area are thrilled to get the additional visitors after struggling with no conventions and limited travel to the area in 2020.

Las Vegas residents also appreciate the return of the Las Vegas Opera to the downtown district.  In addition to Las Vegas being a tourist destination, the city is also home to several schools and organizations such as the Nevada School of the Arts, UNLV Fine Arts Program, and the American Institute of Architects.  The city’s Office of Cultural Affairs has focused over the past few years on restoring some of the downtown offices as an area for local arts and architectural organizations.  The Historic Fifth Street School does other performances throughout the year and a significant portion of the funding comes from being able to rent out the auditorium to groups like the Las Vegas Opera.

You can purchase tickets and view showtimes for Don Pasquale at Opera Las Vegas