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Artisan Hotel - Hidden fees?

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Lucas Brown
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I keep seeing reviews of there being an insane amount of hidden fees. I was comparing prices and this one is in the price range we are looking for as a group but if there are hidden fees that bring the cost up, there are better options for us. Does anyone know anything about these hidden fees? 

Fit Travel
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I heard the same. I have never stayed here but know someone who did. They said they ended up paying almost $90 in extra charges at the end of their stay and the people at the desk said that it was part of the room services. So yeah, be prepared for that I guess? This was for a 5 or 6 day stay. 

Shelly Ann
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I don't know anyone who has stayed here but I see reviews complaining about this all over the place. Best to check social media if you have accounts. Check to see for recent complaints.