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Fans not happy with Adele

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Caleb Oldenburg
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Adele apparently canceled a concert last minute. By last minute I mean she canceled the day before. People are very, VERY mad right now and I can't blame them. If I spent money to go to Vegas to see her live and the concert was canceled so late noticed I as well as others showed up at the venue... I wouldn't likely not be a fan of her's anymore. 

FifteenGreen Doh
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Didn't she facetime fans as well sob to them? Not a good look. I wonder if she will pay them back for this. I know someone who intended on going to the Friday show as well. They ended up needing to cancel their trip 2 weeks back. Good thing!

Fit Travel
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I would be pissed. I can bet you a lot of people lost a lot of money because of this. I read this was down to half her staff getting COVID. They were all vaccinated so wth happened here? 

Shelly Ann
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Adele really fudged up I can tell you that much. My boss' wife and her sister, with a few other gals went to see her and they are not happy. They all said they are done with her. They chose this trip over going to Miami because they wanted to specifically see Adele live. 

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There is a thread on another forum I belong to. Not even Vegas-related. It is in like an entertainment section for movies, shows, concerts, etc. and people were going off. There were at least 7 members who lost a lot of money because of this.