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The Mob Museum tour duration?

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Lucas Brown
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I can't seem to find information on how long the tours go. Some suggest there are no tours and you freely walk yourself. I just want an idea of how long someone could/should spend in this museum to get the most from it so I can properly plan different days for my next trip. 

Fit Travel
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I would say 2+ hours. You can easily breeze through it in about 45 minutes but if you want to take your time then 2 hours is good but you can leave room for up to 3 hours if they are busy. 

Shelly Ann
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Most places like this will take a minimum of 1 hour to walk through and that is if you are not taking your time. I think Fit nailed it from what I am seeing online. Most people say they are in there anywhere from an hour and a half to 3 hours.