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Hotels that will accomodate most requests

Edgar Garcia
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So I like when a hotel will do just about anything to make their guests comfortable. So I was wondering if there are any hotels that will do something for you on request? There was a video I watched years ago, where someone requested a framed picture of Nicolas Cage. So I was curious if there was maybe hotels that will do random requests like this often? 

Sam Vegas
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I think the only way you would be able to make insane requests like that and have any hotel do your bidding is to either be filthy stinking rich or be super famous. I can't see even the most expensive places doing things like this for just anyone. You have to flaunt your money or know someone/be someone famous.

FifteenGreen Doh
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I am with Sam on this one. You have to have a ton of cash or be famous. I know some hotels will seemingly bend over backward for just about anyone but they have limits to what they will actually do for you.