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The rodeo returns to Las Vegas

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Lucas Brown
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After a remarkable 35-year ride, Las Vegas was bucked from hosting the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo last year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But just like a cowboy thrown from the back of a bucking bronco, the city has dusted itself off and is ready to get back in the saddle.

More than 168,000 rodeo fans are expected to pack the Thomas & Mack Center Dec. 2 to 11 for the annual event that moved to Texas last year because of COVID restrictions here.

“Of course, we’re going to take all the proper precautions, but there’s no intention of scaling back,” said Allen Rheinheimer, general manager of the NFR. “I think everything is on track to be one of the better events we’ve ever had.”


Good news for you rodeo fans, it is finally returning to Vegas! I know when my brother got the news about this, he was excited. This is the only place he goes to watch the rodeos and he hated not seeing one last year. 

Fit Travel
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I had completely forgotten about this. I remember a lot of people being upset about it being canceled and shut down in 2020. Glad to see it made a comeback just in time for the Holiday season. I know some people were not keen on going to Texas for it.

Robby Tauren
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I hadn't seen this - That's really exciting! Glad it's coming back. I've hated seeing some of these things get completely cancelled after the pandemic. 

Milo F
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I only went to see a live rodeo once and I think it might have been down in Florida but this was in the late '90s. I have been wanting to see the one in Vegas so I might try to go next year if I can swing it.

FifteenGreen Doh
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I thought they had canceled it altogether,  I had no idea they just moved it to Texas! The more you know... lol I would have actually went if I knew. My friend wanted to go and I had thought it was canceled.