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What are the laws for smoking outside pot dispensers?

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Lucas Brown
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Someone said that it is legal now to smoke outside these places in Las Vegas. I want to confirm for a friend. I don't smoke so I have no idea. He will be going to Vegas in 2 weeks. I am just not sure how the laws work and I don't want him getting into any trouble. 

Fit Travel
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I read that as of October 1st, it was made legal but this was in passing. I was looking through an article a few weeks back so I am not entirely sure if this is true or not. You could (or your friend could) contact some of the dispensaries on the stip and see what they say. 

Ready Me
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My cousin went earlier in the year and she said she didn't have a problem smoking in front of them. It might depend on who's around and the dispensary itself though.

Sarah Wilson
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I didn't know this was something they had changed but I did look it up and it would appear you are right, as of October first the laws in Vegas have been changed.