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Is the High Roller still running?

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Lucas Brown
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I had heard a rumor a few weeks back that they shut it down due to sanitation reasons with the virus but I have seen people talking about it online in the last week has been on it. I am not sure what to believe here. I am just trying to get a general scope of what things are going to be active or inactive for the end of the winter/early spring season. 

Fit Travel
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Yeah, it is still running. I think people might have thought it was down when it was being cleaned. They have operation hours and I know since COVID, they have had more downtime in years previous. This is just for extra sanitation. 

Shelly Ann
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I do wonder what they do for sanitizing the ride. I mean you would have to be wiping it down often I would think. Like after people get off each time but I know they arent doing that!