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Gary Roberts
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Which las vegas hotels on the strip have a good view of the entire strip? I am interested in getting a room that overlooks the strip and hopefully would like to take some great photos of Las Vegas. To give a little background, I have stayed at 2 las vegas hotels on the strip. Treasure Island and Harrahs. Harrahs was more of a group trip where the organizer for the sales team chose Harrahs.
This time I will be on vacation and would like to pick a location with a very good view. I saw that Bellagio can give you a more central strip location but if I did Mandalay Bay I can get a full strip view. Any thoughts on this?

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Magic Man
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I stayed at Resorts World after it opened in the Conrad.  You get a pretty sweet view of the north end of the Las Vegas strip (ie Wynn, Venetian, Trump Hotel, etc).  When I stayed at Aria I got a decent view but felt like I was more in the center of the strip so I could not get the depth of the strip.  Hope that helps!

Chloe Reynolds
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Try Mandalay Bay or the Delano hotel in the same building.  If you get an upper flow the view is pretty nice

Linda Taylor
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I would suggest something like Mandalay Bay too. I think any hotel where you can get a room higher up would be great to get pics of the strip.