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Hotels with open gyms?

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Fit Travel
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I know for a while, hotels had closed down their own gyms because of COVID. I am wondering if this has been lifted yet. I see some of the stand-a-lone gyms in the area have reopened but I am curious about the gyms within the hotels. 

Dr Detector
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You'd probably want to contact each hotel you plan to stay at that has their own gyms. I believe most gyms are open for business, so I doubt they are closing them in hotels anymore. But I could be wrong. 

Reachout to the hotels you're interested in staying and see if they offer gym usage. That would probably be the best route to take. 

Sherri Freeman
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I agree with Dr on this one.

You will only know for sure when you ask the hotel directly. Things change so often that you really can't rely on a website or someone saying things were fine just a few weeks ago.

Christopher Robbins
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Yeah, call em up and they will give you all the important deets. I think most of the big hotels in Vegas have open gyms and pools. Even cheaper hotels will often have at least a pool, but not all will have an open gym.