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Best spa in Las Vegas?

Milo F
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The wife wants to go to a spa when we go there. I know nothing about them but I want to make sure she goes to a good one and has a good experience. I am paying for it afterall! 

What is considered the best span in Las Vegas? Or - Which ones do you consider to be the best ones?

Nick Carmichael
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I will be honest, I have no experience with going to spas be it in Vegas or not. I will say that one my sister seemed to really enjoy was in Vegas. It was the Bella Vita Boutique Spa. You can look into it if you want to see what kind of reviews they get.

Pizza Blue
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Canyon Ranch Spa + Fitness is a nice spot, but this depends on what you are after. They do a lot of hairstyling and health-oriented things here. I have never had a massage from this place so I can't recommend it for that without having had one. 

Noah Abbott
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My favorite spa would probably have to be Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace. I went there once a while back and it was quite nice.