Top 3 Places to Grab a Slice of Pizza on the South Las Vegas Strip

Rex Weighart
Pizza Slice South Las Vegas Strip

Sometimes in between a gambling break or closing out a night of clubbing requires grabbing a nice slice of Pizza.  I have put together a list of three great places on the South Las Vegas Strip where you can grab a thin slice of pizza.  As with most great pizza restaurants, beer is also available.

Secret Pizza

Inside the Cosmopolitan, Secret Pizza is not so much of a secret anymore.  It is still a bit difficult to find until you see the crowds of nightclub goers walking around with a tasty New York slice on a paper plate.  The restaurant can be found on the third floor down a hallway.  Inside Secret Pizza there is an arcade game and the line forms to buy a slice of pizza.  There is no seating inside so you might have to make your way back to the shared seating found on the third floor if you prefer to enjoy your meal.  The meat lover pizza and white pizza are highly recommended.

Pin-up Pizza

If grabbing a massive slice of pizza is your preference, then head over to Planet Hollywood and try Pin-up Pizza.  The pizza restaurant can be entered from within the Casino or on the outside of the Casino.   The hours have recently changed to be open Thursday to Sunday; however, the wait is worth it.  Typically there is not a long wait and you can enjoy your slice of pizza inside the Sportsbook while watching the game.  Highly recommend the Pepperoni and take a second slice to go.

Moneyline Pizza & Bar

If you want to bet on a good sporting event and also bet on a good pizza then Moneyline Pizza (Formerly known as Five50) is the best place for you.  Located inside the Aria Casino, Moneyline has the famous Gotham Pizza and a great bar scene if you are looking for some beers to go with your slice.  Recommend grabbing an entire Gotham pizza to share with friends.  This place has a decent amount of seating; however, due to Covid restrictions, they have reduced the number of tables served at a time.  Hours may change but as of this posting, they are only open on the weekends.