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Have you bet on the Superbowl yet?

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Lucas Brown
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I have a friend who already placed bets on who he thinks will be going. I feel like it is still too soon to say but he seems convinced. I am curious if anyone else put vets in vegas on it yet. 

Magic Man and Magic Man reacted
Magic Man
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Still too early to know which teams will be playing this year in the Superbowl.  The top two teams at the moment are Packers and Cardinals (both 8-2). However Tampa Bay has the GOAT (Tom Brady) and I learned my lesson before... never bet against Tom Brady.

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I would not bet until at least week 12. That is just me. I feel like people who jump the gun almost always lose on it. Unless there is some insider noise we don't know about, it seems silly to bet this soon. 

Mystery Machine
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Yeah it's too early for me to bet. Especially with COVID still around - You never know when a player will be out and it messes the team up for a few weeks.