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Will costs in Vegas continue to rise due to inflation?

Lucas Brown
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It is no secret the economy is doing horrible. It is in a worse state than it was in the 2008 crash. I have heard from locals saying the prices have only gone up this year from food costs to rent. I am wondering if we should plan ahead and assume a trip to Vegas will cost anywhere from 10% to 30% more on average in 2022.

Fit Travel
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It has always been expensive to live, eat, and shop in Vegas so I would imagine it will go up since everywhere else is. I am not sure if people are even fully aware that inflation has been a thing for the last year now and has gotten worse each month that has gone by.

Shelly Ann
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Inflation is supposed to hit the entire country pretty hard. I have been working on saving since 2020. I have enough to travel to Vegas this year so I am planning on going before prices get too high for me to be able to travel. I have only been once and it was years ago.

Maria Robinson
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I know someone on another forum who moved to Las Vegas in 2018 and she told me that the prices have almost doubled in some areas in terms of housing, rent, and general properties. She said the house she had bought is not valued at nearly 40% more. She is considering selling it and taking the profit now.