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When you win, how much do you tip?

Nick Carmichael
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I had no idea tipping was a thing until recently when a friend and I were talking. I guess if you win big, it is in good taste to tip the "house" or the casino/hotel accordingly. I am just not sure how much you are meant to tip. Does anyone know?

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Tox Bloom
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When you tip at a casino the tip is going to the dealer or slot attendant.  It does not go back to the casino.  Many of these folks count on tips from the big wins to supplement their income.

The general rule I use (and it varies by individual)

$1-$2 for wins between $100-$500

$20 for wins between $500 - $1000

1% up to $1000 for wins at $1000+


So if you won a slot progressive of $6,0000 I would give the slot attendant (ie the person that brings the cash) $600.  If I won $200000, I would probably cap it at somewhere around $1000.

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Yeah a tip to the dealer or slot attendant is ideal in this case. You can of course give more than what Tox said above if you want. But I don't think it's a requirement to tip, you just look bad if you don't. 

Sam Vegas
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I think it is fair to do $1 for every $100. That is the 1% rule most people stick to. Some go as high as 5% but most do 1-2% of their win. As mentioned above, the money doesn't go back to the casino. I think people just assume this because they aren't aware of how people who work the floor count tips into their overall earning. 

Dr Detector
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I try to give a little here and there. I think out of $100, I'd give a $5 or $10 or so. That's the least I could do probably. 

If it was say, $5000 or something, maybe $100-$200 would be nice. Though I can't imagine you have to pay a ton more. 

Morgana G
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I never really won anything big to really give a tip. I never have luck when it comes to gambling, so I try not to do it often because of this. 

But, I will keep the tip percentages in mind for when I do win big one of these days. 🙂 

Magic Man
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Great post!  I had this same question. Thnx