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Tips for going in a large group?

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I have never been to Vegas with a large group. The biggest group I had gone with was 5 people, including myself. Some friends and family are planning a trip for spring through of 2022 and I think I might be going. It depends on work but I should be able to go. My concern though is that as of right now, there will be a total of 15 people going. Could be upward of 25. How do you manage a group this large for a trip to Vegas?

Sarah Wilson
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From my own experiences traveling in large groups elsewhere, it helps to break up the groups into smaller ones. Will they all be going together as in on the same flight at the same time? 

Pizza Blue
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I would have meeting spots that work for everyone. If you all plan on going to the same casino, for example, pick a noticeable place from a distance to meet at like a large fountain, statue, etc. 

Make sure everyone has each other's numbers as well, even if they don't normally talk. 

Fit Travel
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Just have a few meeting spots, try to all stay in the same hotel or at least hotels within walking distance from each other. Always have your phones charged and on vibrate in case you don't hear them.