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Las Vegas COVID-19 Restrictions/Cancellations/Closings 2021

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I wanted to make a thread for this. If you have run into any restrictions, cancellations, closings, or anything else in Vegas related to COVID-19, share it here. Share the time/date as well so we all know. It will be helpful for people planning their trips in the coming months.

Clay Goldmine
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I think everything is open currently, but there are restrictions in some areas where covid has increased. If there is a rise in covid in a certain area, you are required to wear a mask in outside areas and in inside areas. But, if there isn't any rise in the area, you should be able to go maskless as long as you have been fully vaccinated. 

Just right now, face coverings are a requirement when indoors. But that's all I'm finding so far. 

In order to find out any closings or new rules, you may want to reachout to where you want to stay or the places you plan to go, as each place will likely differ on their requirements, unless all of Vegas is required to follow something. 

Sherri Freeman
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Yeah, the mask requirement came back last month for Vegas. So I would imagine this will stick for a while. Very few places will allow you indoors without one!