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Have you ever played in a casino tournament in Vegas?

Milo F
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There are slot ones, video poker ones, table ones, it seems like there is some sort of tournament for everyone down in Vegas! Have you ever participated in any whilst in Vegas? I have done a few but never in Vegas. 

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I have not but a friend of mine played in a few. The most recent was a table tournament which was poker. I think this was in 2018. He ended up coming in 4th and won $500 for it. Not bad but he spent HOURS playing. It was a 3 day event.

Pizza Blue
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Nope! I do not have the patience to actually sit through one. I have watched a few but not for an extended time period. Many of them take several hours or even days to complete and I would rather spend my time not having to rush around and make sure I was there on time for the tournament. 

Lucas Brown
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I can't say I have. I have a cousin who was in a few poker tournaments in Vegas and in Florida. He placed 3rd in Florida and 5th in Vegas. I don't think I would be able to sit still long enough for something like this.