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When do hotels close their pools for the season?

Milo F
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I am not familiar with Nevada's weather at all nor their seasons. I have a hard time figuring out when they will close their pools. I would imagine some of them are heated. Does anyone know the typical time hotels close the pools for the season? 

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Some hotels go into November but I think most close mid-way October. I could be wrong but this is just based on my travels and what I have seen. Not all pools are heated. I would say only a handful are. It is so hot there that it is just not needed.

Robby J
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To my understanding, the pools usually stay open year round, at least when it comes to hotels. Nevada has a pretty warm climate mostly year round, but they do cool down in the winter seasons somewhat. 

Pizza Blue
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It depends on where you stay. Some places close them for 4 months and others keep them opened all year. You have to look into it more depending on where you'd like to stay. I know a lot more pools were closed last year because of Covid.