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Trump International Hotel

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Sarah Wilson
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Has anyone stayed here in recent years? I have a hard time finding real reviews because of the political nonsense. I don't follow politics. I don't know much about Trump nor do I care. I don't want biased reviews from Trump supports or reviews from people who hate the man. I just want to know if the hotel is a good spot to stay at. 

Lucas Brown
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It is a nice hotel, probably in the top 10 in Vegas honestly. I think we had another thread for the hotel on the forum. I have only stayed here once and it has been awhile since I have stayed so I can't tell you how things are now in recent years. 

Fit Travel
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The hotel gets better reviews than the man, that is all I can say about it. 

I stayed once and enjoyed it. They have solid staff and night room locations for a decent price.

Matthew Cop
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Never stayed, but waited in the lobby once for a friend.  The lobby was nice and seemed like a decent place if you didn't want to stay at a place with gaming.