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Stratosphere Hotel

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FifteenGreen Doh
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Has anyone stayed here in the last few years? Looking for cheap hotels for a group trip I am planning with family and friends. This seems to have some of the cheapest prices but the reviews are not looking too great. It seems to be 3.5 or less out of 5 on average. 

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They have low ratings because they are not great. Let's just say you get your money's worth. The customer service is poor, you might find yourself staying in a dirty room, and the food sucks. If you don't intend on spending much time in your hotel though, it is worth saving money. 

Tox Bloom
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The Strat has struggled over the years.  They recently signed Sammy Hagar to a residency starting in late October.  The location itself is tough because it is a pretty long walk to get to the center of the strip, however, with the addition of Resorts World and the re-re-re-vamp of Sahara... the Strat might become a viable budget option in the future.