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Ready Me
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I'm seeing a lot of recent bad reviews on Planet Hollywood. Is it really that bad? They're saying its dirty, rude staff, and no housekeeping. I have a family member that loves it so I'm wondering if something happened?

Magic Man
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They have an option where you can request no housekeeping for 48 hours.  But housekeeping is always available when needed and is automatically done daily if you don't request them to not come in.  The couple of times I stayed there it was nice.  They got rid of the Poker room so I don't really go as often now.

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I have been and I like it. I think the recent reviews are likely dealing with people who have been overworked and underpaid due to the pandemic. Mix that in with restrictions, testing, etc. some of the staff are bound to be in a bad mood. 

Pizza Blue
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Juliant is likely right. A noticed a trend in growing negative reviews due to staff shortages and other issues because of COVID. I would go based on reviews that happened pre-2020 if you can. 

Your Vegas Dude
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Planet Hollywood is my favorite spot, however, I must agree. It is not what it once was.