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Las Vegas now has a 100% smoke-free hotel

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The Signature at MGM is now a 100% smoke-free hotel experience. No smoking is allowed on the property in or outdoors. This is actually really good for people who risk starting up again on vacation or for those of us who are very sensitive to smoke. I had no idea this was a thing. I feel like this is "new news" but it might not be and I only just now found out about it.

Maria Robinson
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I guess most hotels still have designated smoking bars/rooms then? I thought they did away with a lot of this in the mid 2000's. Smoking goes down more and more each year. What about vaping though? Do they allow that?

Caleb Oldenburg
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There were several smaller hotels that went smoke-free years back but a few of them aren't around anymore. This is a big move for a larger spot though. I hope it works in their favor! I still know a lot of people who want to be able to enjoy their cigars while on vacation, including myself!

FifteenGreen Doh
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I thought there was other ones myself, but I guess this is specific to rooms. It is nice to see there are some places that are 100% free from it. I have some family members who struggle to find hotels because they have very severe allergies and smoke sets them off. 

Fit Travel
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I wonder if this will start a trend. I know smoking, in general, is down. Less and less people smoke but still plenty enjoy cigars so it could be a double-edged sword.