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Do any hotels require masks and or quarantine people if they have covid?

Morgana G
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Do hotels require masks? And if someone does come down with covid, do they get quarantined in the area they're staying? I want to know, because if I end up coming down with covid somehow, will I be quarantined in Vegas if I go there? 

Milo F
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I think that most if not all of them will quarantine you if you test positive and most of them charge you for the extra time spent there. It is best to get tested before you leave for your trip to make sure.

Nick Carmichael
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Things have been flipping back and forth with this for the last few weeks. I am not sure if they are all in agreeance on it so a lot of people are confused. I would just probably call to find out. 

Solace Levine
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My husband and I booked our hotel and nothing was said about this to us. I am not sure if we should call or not now. No one mentioned masks or being quarantined.