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Which spots (aside from the obvious ones) do not allow kids?

Milo F
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In terms of clubs, shows, and everything in between - Are there any that strictly do not allow kids? I know for places that serve alcohol and strip joints, the answer is obvious. There are so many other things to do in Vegas though that I am wondering what is considered off-limits for families traveling with children. 

Nick Carmichael
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I think you have to use your own judgement on this sort of thing and go according to your kid's age. I would say most places are okay with kids and have something kid-friendly for 12+ but younger kids, that is where you might have trouble.

Pizza Blue
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Just avoid places that have adult undertones. Think of crowded casinos, bars, nightclubs, shows that are adult-themed, and hotels/casinos that are considered "luxury". 

Leo Lion
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I think it's pretty obvious what places you can go with the kids and places you shouldn't. Most casinos don't allow kids in, and many other places won't even allow kids to enter. 

If it's a sporting event, or a movie, they usually allow kids, but most other places will have rules depending on what kind of stuff they do. So some places will allow kids in, but other places will not, and they will likely say so. 

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Solace Levine
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From my understanding, most restaurants are child-friendly, no casinos are, only some shows and entertaining allow kids... It just isn't a good place to bring kids imo.