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Movie Theaters in Vegas

Tox Bloom
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Has anyone ever been to a movie theater on their trip to Vegas?  I have a friend that always tries to catch a movie at the movie theater inside the Palms Casino.  With the Palms being shut down, I think he goes to an AMC or something.  But I was curious to know if anyone else goes to watch a movie while in the city on vacation?  

Noah Abbott
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I have gone to see movies while in Vegas. There are a lot of theaters around that you can go do. I know there are a couple AMC theaters in Vegas, I would go to one of those out of the others. 

Pizza Blue
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Century Orleans 18 is the only spot I have seen a movie in and it wasn't in recent years. Not sure if they are still any good but I enjoyed my experience. I can't say I would watch a movie again in Vegas, not unless I lived near by the area. I would much rather spend my time doing things I can't do at home.