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Mike Hammer

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Sarah Wilson
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Has anyone seen this guy live? I only remember seeing a bit he did years ago. I had no idea he had a show in Vegas. I am trying to find some comedy shows for my husband and me to enjoy when we go. Mike's show gets pretty good ratings. Has anyone here seen him live?

Pizza Blue
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I would say he is somewhere in the middle. He is not the worst you will see in Vegas but he is not exactly the best either. I have seen him once but it was not in Vegas. 

FifteenGreen Doh
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I have never even heard of the guy. Do you know where he is performing and how long he has been in Vegas for? Maybe I just overlooked him. I am always looking for new stand-up shows which is why I am shocked I have no idea who he is. 

Tox Bloom
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Mike Hammer has been in comedy for some 25 years.  His Las Vegas comedy show Get Hammer'd is pretty good.  I went once and recommend it.