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Halloween events for kids this year?

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I am trying to see if there are any events happening for a friend. He and his wife want to plan a trip there this month but they will have their 9-year-old son tagging along this time. Are there any fun things to do this year in the month of October for kids?

Mimsy Ravenclaw
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Kinda already have a topic geared for that here - https://spotlightvegas.com/community/main-forum/halloween-events-in-vegas/

As for anything meant for just kids, It looks like Moapa Valley Haunted Corn Maze is a good option, as well as the Witches and Warlocks Magic Show. 

Milo F
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There are a number of things for kids, surprisingly. Hallow-reef, Hallowveen, Haunted Harvest to name a few. These are attractions that are "kid-friendly". I am not sure if they are more geared at children though.